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Snow Queen vs Marble Queen Pothos

Is there a difference between a Marble Queen and Snow Queen pothos? 

Both the Snow Queen and Marble Queen Pothos are great indoor plants, both from the Epipremnum Aureum family, but there are remarkable differences between the two. Today, we are going to explore those differences to ensure that you can understand how these plants need to be maintained and what you should expect from both in terms of appearance and maintenance. The main difference between the two plants is the leaves, although the leaf shape is similar the snow queen has more of a white color on the leaves and less green pigment whereas the marble queen has more of a fifty fifty mix between white and green. The snow queen pothos is a bright white, where the marble queen pothos can be seen as more of a cream.

Displaying your Pothos Plants

There are many ways to display pothos plants, from regular pots, to being displayed on plant stands to hanging pots or hanging baskets. Our favorite way to display them is on your wall as we find it really brings a room to life without taking up any additional space. We use these beautiful handmade frames that easily mount to your wall and grow the plants in water.

Why we love growing in water

Marble Queen Pothos Care

The first thing that you will notice is that the snow queen has more prominent white marks that stand out. They are brighter and stronger than those that are found in the Marble Queen.

With that said, the Marble Queen does grow taller with heights that reach 5 ft. and the Snow Queen reaches 3 ft. on average. One thing that is visible in the Snow Queen is the sharper tips.

How much light does a snow Queen Pothos need? 

There is no need for direct light and an average of 4 to 6 hours of indirect light exposure will be ideal for these plants. This means that having the plant in a location that is not exposed to sunlight directly is ideal.

How do you care for a marble Queen Pothos? 

All you need is to mist the plant once a week and keep it in a temperature that is not too cold. These plants are tropical natives and they can live an entire decade with very little maintenance.

Where should I keep my Marble Queen pothos? 

The plant can be kept in an office or bathroom with no direct natural light. This is not the type of plant that you want to have in any area that gets too warm or too cold. Avoid harsh weather and direct sunlight and the plant will be more likely to stay healthy.

Are Marble Queen pothos the same as Golden Pothos? 

They are similar, but the Marble Queen has white and green shades, while the Golden has a yellow and green combination. Their maintenance is pretty much the same and they both live around a decade. This is a pretty good amount of time for a plant to live without needing any complicated maintenance.

Final thoughts on marble queen vs snow queen pothos 

When you think about snow queen vs marble queen pothos, or devil's ivy, you will find that they both offer different appealing factors. It is up to you to decide which one you prefer, or if you wish to grow them both.

There are people who like to grow all sorts of pothos plants such as the glacier pothos plant, snow queen, and marble queen. It is very important to note that these plants are all great for those who are looking for low-maintenance plants that have a good lifespan.

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