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The Best Gifts for Plant Moms

Wether they are a family member or a friend, if you have someone important in your life that's a plant mom, they are usually some of the most caring people. When it's time to show them your appreciation or celebrate an event, a caring gift can go a long way. We've put together a few of our favorites to checkout.

What is a plant mom?

A plant mom is someone who loves plants and takes good care of them. These plant parents get a lot of happiness out of their plant collection and their home will have incredible houseplants and flowers alike. Their homes are normally some of the most fun to visit with beautiful plant collections, succulents and other plants found in the room displaying their sense of fashion and style. 

1. For the New or Aspiring Plant Parent. 

For new plant parents, we love suggesting growing plants in water as the care is much easier. Plants don't need individual watering schedules, you don't have to deal with fungus gnats and its always clear if water is needed.

By propagating plants they can also get cuttings for free or trade with friends, which is always fun. The wall hangers are a great way to spruce up the aesthetic of a space with plants on the wall. We love that they come with plants, making this a fun gift for the newer plant parent. You can check them out here

2. The Reading Plant Mom

One great gift is a plant book. Plant moms will love getting new ideas for how to take care of their plants and learn about new varieties. We always suggest supporting your local plant store and looking at the variety of books they have there (however you can of course find books online as well.) Wild interiors and other Hilton Carter books are some of our favorites, they cover houseplants, succulents, seeds and the intricacies of sunlight and everything else you need for growing plants.

3. Grow Lights

Grow lights are a great gift for plant moms, as they provide an easy and efficient way to grow plants. Many plant moms struggle with providing enough sunlight for their plants, but with grow lights, this is no longer an issue. Grow lights can be placed anywhere in the home, and provide the necessary light spectrum for healthy plant growth. Additionally, grow lights help to extend the growing season for plants, so plant moms can enjoy their plants all year round.

Investing in a high quality grow light that will last a long time and have the right spectrum makes a great present. Soltec is the leading company, 5 year warranty and 90 day no questions asked return policy, something r any plant enthusiast would appreciate. You can get just the bulb by clicking here, and a beautiful fixture here

4. Bonsai Starter Kit.

Bonsai kits are a fun home project that many plant mom's would love. Bring the feeling of nature into your home while you create a gorgeous plant. Bonsai tree's are more unique, so many enthusiasts may not have these yet. You can find them on Amazon and Etsy, but we like the Eastern Leaf kits found here.

5. For the Home Decor Plant Mom

If you have a plant mom in your life that loves home decor, one of our favorite presents are the frame sets you can use on top of a table or mount to the wall. These are beautiful handmade frames that house plants that grow in water. They really bring a home to life and are very easy to care for. You can create the energy of nature with plants and flowers that will last for months, if not years. It is convenient that plants can be ordered from the site with the frames, making it an easy way to elevate a room with plants. 

 Plant moms will love the new ideas for taking care of their plants, finding new varieties, and getting creative with displaying them in their homes and adding to their collection. If you're looking for a unique gift that celebrates nature and brings life into your home, consider one of these gifts for the plant mom in your life.

The Ochoco set is a great way start, if you'd like a larger setup similar to what's shown in the picture, the Coconino or the Sequoia set will really transform a space.

6. The Gardening Plant Mom.

If you know a plant mom that loves her garden, there are many gifts you can get them! Gardening tools, seeds, or even a new planter can all make great gifts. There are many options for garden collections, checkout your local store, for online we recommend checking out etsy for some great options.

7. Vases or new Pottery

New ways to display your plants is always fun. There are many brands that make high quality pottery, peach and pebble is a solid brand that can be found online or in most plant shops. Vases are also always a great present idea for a plant mom for them to grow their plants in soil. Wether they are displaying flowers in bouquets are growing plants in water or lecca, a nice vase is always fun to add to your collection for a plant mom. Our favorite is a vase with a plant included which you can checkout here,  but you can always visit your local stores as well.

8. Plant Accessories

Another great gift for plant mom is a watering can or spray bottle. This will help them water their plants properly and make sure they stay healthy. There are many categories and options for these, as always our first recommendation is to go shopping at your local plant stores, however you can find great stuff on etsy, google, amazon and find our favorite watering can find by clicking here, it has a long neck, making it easy to water your plants.