Why plants are the best gift to give your loved ones

Mother’s Day is around the corner and there’s never been a better year to make the mothers in your life feel extra special. Whether it’s your mom, a relative, or a significant other, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your loved ones by bringing a little more green into their lives!

What makes giving plants special is that they’re one-of-a-kind gifts and are sure to last longer than a bouquet of flowers. Specific plants can symbolize different meanings, but ultimately, plants are a sign of gratitude and respect. No matter the distance or circumstances, gifting your loved ones a plant will be a constant reminder of your love for them. 
Also, there are many physical and mental benefits to having plants in your home, making plants the perfect self-care gift. Plants help improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost self-esteem--while also improving your air quality. Work from home can be exhausting because we’re constantly met with different distractions. By caring for houseplants, you and your loved ones can prolong your attention span and feel even more productive in your space than before. Also, plants that grow in water are super sustainable. All Modern Botanical planters are handcrafted and packaged from eco-friendly materials, shrinking our carbon footprint on the world.

More importantly, most plants that grow in water are easy to care for and require little effort. All you really need (besides your planter) is water to fill the glass and a plant to live in it. So, there’s no need to worry about your new gift being an added stressor for your loved ones and their busy schedules.

The mothers in your life deserve something far more special than a decor piece that won’t last two weeks. We put a special bundle together for mothers this year which you can check out here.