All plants for LP


8 Single Planters, 4 Double Planters, 4 Triple Planters and Optional Plants


no botany degree required

Caring for plants doesn't get any easier than keeping them alive in water, and we take the guesswork out of plant shopping.


Plants that grow in water are one of every green thumb’s favorite tricks. Simply change the water every few weeks, and ensure that your plants are kept in a well-lit area. Modern Botanical plants are curated to flourish in water for years. And our plants don’t just look good, they’ll make you feel good, too. 

fast & easy assembly

Our planters hang in 1 minute or less, and come with everything you need for installation. We're confident that Modern Botanical plants and frames are the easiest, no-hassle way to introduce plants into your space. 

made in San diego with love

Our propagation frames are handcrafted in our San Diego woodshop from responsibly sourced materials. Our maple comes from a family wood farm on their 3rd generation of trees and our finishing is done with pure tung oil and citrus spirits. Our love for plants extends to mother nature, which guides all our product decisions. 

120 Day guarantee

Plants that grow in water are one of every green thumb's favorite tricks. With regular watering and appropriate lighting, our plants will flourish in our wooden planters for years. We guarantee that your will be thriving - if not, reach out to our team within 120 and we'll send you replacements!