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Tennessee Red Cedar Frames

Frequently Asked questions

How do I keep my plants alive in water?

We love growing in water because of how clean and easy it is. To keep your houseplants alive, simply ensure that they're kept in an area without much temperature variation, and refill the water every 2 weeks. We also sell nutrients, and have a full care guide that can be found here.

How long can my plants survive in water?

Houselants  survive in water do so by utilizing the oxygen that's absorbed in water to support photosynthesis. Not all plants are able to do this but we've been impressed with how many varieties work well. Plant selection is key, which is why we only sell plants that thrive in water. Plants purchased from Modern Botanical should stay healthy for years. We have a list of plants that grow in water you can find by clicking here.

How are the frames mounted to the wall?

Each frame comes with a mounting guide to ensure easy hanging on any wall. Tape the guide to the wall where you'd like your frame and the plant(s) to hang. Follow the simple instructions, and voila! 

Can I put my own plants in your water planters?

Yes! Not all houseplants will propagate and continue to live in water, but the majority will. Two big plant families that tend to perform great in water alone are aroids and succulents. Keep an eye on our Plant Resources section as we share our research, here you can find a full list of plants that grow well in water and a guide on growing houseplants in water by clicking here.

Product information

Where is your wood sourced from? Is it sustainable?

We know our product requires cutting beautiful trees down to produce, making wood sourcing an immensely important part of our business operations and commitment to caring for our environment. We've partnered with a multi-generation wood shop in San Diego who has long-standing relationships with small wood farms around the US. All domestic hardwoods are from mills with owned tree farms where lumber is grown and managed through production. 

Is there an easy way to hang these from the ceiling?

We have a few hanging planter vases that work great. You'll just need to install hooks on your ceiling. You can see some of the hanging options by clicking here.

Propagation Station vs Modern Botanical Grow Frames

There are many propagation stations, many are made quickly with large machinery  and are much smaller than our grow frames. We designed our products with larger vases than the standard propagation stations which enables the plants to thrive for years with minimal care. Ours are handmade in our san diego woodshop with a lot of love :)
Can I still hang these on my wall if they are ceiling or brick?

Our mounting system is intended for dry wall and plaster. If you have a brick, cement or other harder wall material, the frames can be mounted, you can use a drill to make the holes or you can glue 3m velcro command strips to our product and stick the other side to the wall (make sure to press and hold firmly when installing.)

I lost my nails, where can I get a replacement?

If you need replacement or extra nails, reach out to and we'd be happy to ship out a few extras! 

Where can I get a new mounting guide?

Do you have a printer? If so, we'd be happy to send over our PDF template for you to print directly at home! No printer? No problem, we're happy to send a few your way in the mail. Either way, reach out to so we can get help! 

Do they have to be hung, or can they be placed on a table or flat surface?

Modern Botanical water planters have a stable flat surface on the bottom, allowing them to be displayed on an office desk, coffee table, shelf, or other flat surface. The wall hangers, must be hung