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We're a passionate team, committed to making beautiful and simple solutions to grow plants in water throughout the home. Growing and supporting our team, community, and the environment are at the heart of all our decisions and products. 

Launching in November of 2020 in the heart of the pandemic, we know how important job stability is to our community and how much of a boost plants can bring to one's mental health and well-being during tough times. Keeping production in our home city of San Diego, hiring and sourcing local every chance we get, and making house plant care simple and rewarding are just a few of the business decisions that have come from this collective experience. 

We're excited to breathe life into peoples homes while sharing our passion and knowledge for plant propagation and water grown plants. 

hand crafted in san diego

Modern Botanical's business operations are built around our woodshop in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego. Production, R&D, and fulfillment are all handled out of our 1,100 sq ft shop. We hire around passion and believe we can offer stability and growth to our team members through job stability and the opportunity to collaborate at every level of the organization. 

care for our planet

We know our product puts demands on natural resources, so being responsible about our sourcing decisions lets us sleep easy at night. 

Our wood is sourced from generational wood farms & mills that manage harvesting and re-growth of their owned forests. Our packaging minimizes plastics and dyes and natural oils and citrus spirits are used to finish our products. 

There are no shortcuts to caring for our planet.