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Frequently asked questions

common questions

How do I keep my plants alive in water?

We love planting in water because of how clean and easy it is. To keep your plants alive, simply ensure that they're kept in an area without much temperature variation, and refill the water every 2 weeks. We also sell nutrients, and have a full care guide that can be found here.

How long can my plants survive in water?

Plants that can survive in water do so by utilizing the oxygen that's absorbed in water to support photosynthesis. Not all plants are able to do this - many require soil to provide oxygen for growth. Plant selection is key, which is why we only sell plants that thrive in water. Plants purchased from Modern Botanical should stay healthy for years. 

How are the frames mounted to the wall?

Each frame comes with a mounting guide to ensure easy hanging on any wall. Tape the guide to the wall where you'd like your frame and the plant(s) to hang. Follow the simple instructions, and voila! 

Can I put my own plants in your water planters?

Yes! Not all plants, however, will propagate and continue to live in water. Two big plant families that tend to perform great in water alone are aroids and succulents. Keep an eye on our Plant Resources section as we share our research in the space for a full list of plants that grow well in water and instructions on doing so! 

Why does my order smell like citrus?

Mineral Spirits, a common material used in wood working, is a petrol product and that's an industry we want to stay clear of any chance we get. Fortunately, there is an amazing all-natural alternative made from citrus oils that smells amazing and works just as great for our products. The use of those citrus spirits in finishing steps of production leave that wonderful citrus smell on our products. 

Plant care

How often should I replace the water for my plants? 

We recommend replacing the water for your plants monthly so long as the water is topped off every 1 to 2 weeks in between replacements. Water is crucial not only for growth, but for providing oxygen to the plants to support growth. Your plant will deplete the available oxygen in the water over a few weeks and replacing or adding new water acts to re-oxygenate it. Plants will eventually die from a lack of oxygen if their water is not replaced. Note: If y9o

Tip: you can encourage your water grown plants to grow more by replacing their water more often! 

How much sunlight do my plants needs to survive?

Getting the right amount of light for a plant is essential to keep them healthy - too little and they are unable to photosynthesize, too much and their leaves will begin to yellow or brown. The majority of indoor plants and the varietals shipped and sold on our site like medium to bright indirect light. The best way to find indirect light is to find your brightest natural light room and find an opposing or side wall that is out of direct sunshine. Test your plants there and see how they do! Tip: if you have a wall that you'd like to adorn with plants that doesn't receive enough light, bulbs with grow light spectrums can easily be installed to supplement or even replace natural light, creating a happy environment for your plants to thrive. 

Do I eventually need to put my plants in soil?

Plants that grow in water can happily do so for the entirety of their life. So long as they're receiving adequate light, comfortable temperatures, fresh water, and regular nutrients, no soil is required! If you plant begins to outgrow your planter, new propagations can be cut and re-grown in water. 

Will my plants need nutrients to survive?

For the first 4 months, from cutting to propagation, most plants will do fine without nutrients supplemented in the water. For any plants you intend to grow in water beyond those first few months, additional nutrients is necessary for a healthy plant! 

Is it okay to prune or cut back my plant while it's growing in water?

Yes, absolutely. Most plants will generally need a handful of leaves remaining to stay healthy, but beyond that, trimming the plant for propagation or aesthetic purposes is just fine. 

What's the ideal temperature for keeping my plants happy?

House plants are often house plants because they thrive in similar environments to humans - generally 60 degrees to 80 degrees fahrenheit. For plants that have yet to show roots, the warmer end of this range is great to encourage propagation. Colder temperatures can cause some varietals to experience root rot, characterized by a soggy browning of the roots. Warmer temperatures, especially when coupled with direct sunlight, can cause yellowing or browning of the plant leaves.  

What should I do if a leaf is yellowing?

A yellowing leaf can mean one of a number of stress factors for a plant and the first thing to do would be identifying what that might be. Sometimes a leaf will simply yellow for no rhyme or reason and that's okay! We recommend assessing the plant health as a whole before over reacting to a single incident. One you've determined the plant health, figure out if you'd like to keep the leaf on or remove it. 

Product information

Where is your wood sourced from? Is it sustainable?

We know our product requires cutting beautiful trees down to produce, making wood sourcing an immensely important part of our business operations and commitment to caring for our environment. We've partnered with a multi-generation wood shop in San Diego who has long-standing relationships with small wood farms around the US. All domestic hardwoods are from mills with owned tree farms where lumber is grown and managed through production. 

Is there an easy way to hang these from the ceiling?

Yes! We'll be launching our own hangers soon, but in the short term simply use an an anchored eye-hook in the ceiling and a length of string wrapped through the interior of the planter. The small pegs on the top section of the frame work to keep the string from moving around once hung. Enjoy! 

Can I still hang these on my wall if they are ceiling or brick?

Our mounting system is intended for dry wall and plaster. If you have a brick, cement or other harder wall material, we'd be happy to build out a custom frame for you with modified mounting. Please reach out to with your order number after placing it and allow for a few extras days of delivery time. 

I lost my nails, where can I get a replacement?

If you need replacement or extra nails, reach out to and we'd be happy to ship out a few extras! 

Where can I get a new mounting guide?

Do you have a printer? If so, we'd be happy to send over our PDF template for you to print directly at home! No printer? No problem, we're happy to send a few your way in the mail. Either way, reach out to so we can get help! 

Do they have to be hung, or can they be placed on a table or flat surface?

Modern Botanical water planters have a stable flat surface on the bottom, allowing them to be displayed on an office desk, coffee table, shelf, or other flat surface. 

orders and shipping

Are you products available for shipping outside of the United States?

We're able to ship planters internationally but plant sales are restricted to continental US only. As inconvenient as this may be, it's important to consider the impact of non-native species and pests being introduced to new ecosystems and do our part to respect that. If you are interested in our products but don't know what local plants can be grown, our team would be happy to answer questions and help identify a few options for you! Part of the fun is testing new plants and learning! 
When can I expect my order to arrive?

We ship order which include plants on Mondays and Tuesdays of every week to minimize transit days for your new plants. Non plant orders are shipped Monday through Friday. We prioritize shipping with three day services. What does this all mean? Most orders will arrive within 3 to 8 days from time of order. 

How do you ship the plants?

We know how important it is for plants to arrive happy and healthy. All plants are individually hand wrapped in paper and a plastic sleeve before going in their shipping box. For cold weather destinations, we ship with 72 or 96 hour heating packs to ensure a comfortable climate to their new home. 

What can I do if I'm not satisfied with my order?
We take product quality and experience to heart here at Modern Botanical, but in the chance that your order does not live up to expectations, you have 120 days from date of delivery to request a refund. To start a return, you can contact us at and we'll send you a shipping address and instructions on your refund.