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An Easy Plant Care Routine

01. Add Water

Water is life for so many plants, and in hydroponics it's often the delivery method of water, oxygen, and nutrients. Whenever available, we recommend using Reverse Osmosis or other filtered water. Municipal tap water in many locals works great as well. 

02. Shake

Full of all the good stuff - these Hydroponic Nutrient Drops like to be shaken, not stirred, to ensure an even distribution of essential nutrients with every dose.

03. Add Drops

Away with measuring cups, scales, and expensive measurement devices. Hello to simple, efficient nutrient drops. As easy as 1....2....3.... for happy plants.

04. Add Your Plant

Propagations, houseplants, even leafy vegetables are all going to thank you. Whether you're growing in a Modern Botanical vase or another home setup, the plant options are nearly endless. Have fun growing!

Water, Nutrients, Care


Water, Nutrients, and Care

A Simpler Way to Grow

  • Grow for Years

    This is not your average prop product - we've done thorough testing to ensure houseplants can grow in our vases for years without having to be re-potted

  • Once-a-Month Plant Care

    Growing in water is flexible and forgiving. Top off water weekly and replace it monthly. The fresh water will replenish the oxygen - making root rot and watering stress a thing of the past.

  • Roots, Leaves, and Flowers

    Experience your plants growing leaves, flowers, and roots through the course of the year - all with a minimal care routine. Add water, a few drops of nutrients, and watch them thrive. 

Here's a Care Guide to Growing in Water if you'd like to learn more.

Bring Your Home to Life

Is growing plants in water seriously that easy?

Yes! We love planting in water because of how clean and easy it is. To keep your plants alive, simply ensure that they’re kept in an area without much temperature variation, refill the water every 2 weeks, and a monthly couple drops of nutrients. A full care guide can be found here.

How do I find cuttings for your products?

Sourcing plants is one of the most exciting parts of owning our Grow Frames and Hangers. The first places we generally look for cuttings are existing houseplants, swapping with friends and family, and buying plants to use for cuttings from local nurseries. Additionally, we'll be selling cuttings as an optional add-on from late March - October if you'd like our curated selection. 

For more info on finding plants to grow in our products, check outthis guide here

How are your products mounted to the wall?

Each frame comes with a mounting guide to ensure easy hanging on any wall. Tape the guide to the wall where you'd like your frame and plant(s) to hang. Follow the simple instructions, and voila!

For a step-by-step walkthrough, here's a video of Modern Botanical co-founder, Conrad, going through the mounting process in our San Diego woodshop: 

How long will my plants survive in water?

Plants purchased from Modern Botanical should stay healthy for at least a year. Beyond that, it varies by variety, but some plants, like the monstera deliciosa, have been known to survive for over a decade in water. Plant selection is key, which is why we only sell plants that thrive in water.