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hanging vase for plants.
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The perfect way better to hang your plants. This vase comes with  jute cord, ready to hang, improve the aesthetic of your home.

You have the option of adding starter plants, which are a selection of plants curated specifically as they grow great in water.

This hanging vase works great for our starter plants, which will ship from our Greenhouse in Florida.

Our plants are selected to look beautiful in our products from day one. These easy-to-grow varietals love medium indirect light and are guaranteed to thrive in water. 


Your Plant Set will include a unique selection of starter sized plants such as Baby Monstera', Pothos Exotica, Alocasia's, Syngoniums, Calathea's or others from our curated selection.

We cannot guarantee special requests as plant availability is limited. 

If you'd like to experiment with other plants, for this vase, we recommend plants that come in a 6 inch pot. We've been developing a list of plants that we've tested growing in water, you can find that list HERE.

The majority of houseplants will grow happily in water for years, making it the perfect medium for effortless and mess-free plant walls. 

You'll be able to admire them as they grow fresh leaves, develop new roots, and even bloom with beautiful flowers, all within our hand-crafted grow vases. Care is as simple as replacing water monthly, with a few drops of nutrients added for optimal plant health. 

If you're a black thumb, or simply skeptical of this method of plant growth, we encourage you to take us up on our 120 Day Growth Guarantee! We'll be available via chat, plus you'll have access to our Facebook Plant Community and Online Resources to help you succeed. 

Growing doesn't get any easier

Add water. Add nutrients. Find good lighting. And watch roots develop, leaves grow, and flowers bloom. 

What's the secret? Growing in water is a favorite trick of many green thumbs. It's all about selecting the right plants that grow roots which utilize the oxygen in water, similar to how they would when grown in soil or other similar mediums. 

For those plants, water delivers oxygen, moisture, and nutrients to efficiently grow houseplants with minimal upkeep. 

Discover an Easier Way to Grow:

Water, Nutrients, Love

Discover an Easier Way to Grow:

Water, Nutrients, Love

  • Grow for Years

    This is not your average prop product - we've done thorough testing to ensure houseplants can grow in our vases for years without having to be re-potted

  • Once-a-Month Plant Care

    Growing in water is flexible and forgiving. Top off water weekly and replace it monthly. The fresh water will replenish the oxygen - making root rot and watering stress a thing of the past.

  • Roots, Leaves, and Flowers

    Experience your plants growing leaves, flowers, and roots through the course of the year - all with a minimal care routine. Add water, a few drops of nutrients, and watch them thrive. 

Here's a Care Guide to Growing in Water if you'd like to learn more.

Bring Your Home to Life

Is growing plants in water seriously that easy?

Yes! We love planting in water because of how clean and easy it is. To keep your plants alive, simply ensure that they’re kept in an area without much temperature variation, refill the water every 2 weeks, and a monthly couple drops of nutrients. A full care guide can be found here.

How do I find cuttings for your products?

Sourcing plants is one of the most exciting parts of owning our Grow Frames and Hangers. The first places we generally look for cuttings are existing houseplants, swapping with friends and family, and buying plants to use for cuttings from local nurseries. Additionally, we'll be selling cuttings as an optional add-on from late March - October if you'd like our curated selection. 

For more info on finding plants to grow in our products, check out this guide here

How long will my plants survive in water?

Plants purchased from Modern Botanical should stay healthy for at least a year. Beyond that, it varies by variety, but some plants, like the monstera deliciosa, have been known to survive for over a decade in water. Plant selection is key, which is why we only sell plants that thrive in water. 

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Panzo
Plant decor dreams come true!

Modern Botanical is THE BEST! Amazing business all around. The owners are helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable! I live in an apartment with very little lighting and even less room for dealing with dirt and repotting plants. The combination of discovering water propagation and Modern Botanical’s beautiful glass vases and wall hangers has helped me reinvent my living space and improve our quality of life exponentially! I recommend everything I have in my home…the plant food, maple wall hangers (I was having trouble with the glass slipping on one or two, however, per recommendation of the owners, I doubled up on O-rings and haven’t had a problem since), the hanging glass tubes, and all glassware vases! Oh, and the plant starters are fantastic as well! Lots of useful advice on the website and information via social media. There aren’t enough positive things to say…which is a good problem to have! :)

John Williams

Perfect thanks!

Peyton James

The products that I ordered are great but my package was delivered to the wrong address by ups the customer service was 10/10 and they offered to reshoot my order and replace what I’d lost despite it not being their fault, a few day later and ups got my package delivered but I highly recommend buying from this store

Margaret Eason

10.5" Short Neck Glass Vase

Kim Horning
Great quality

Gave this as a housewarming gift along with the fertilizer and it was a big hit!

Tanya Fritz
Great service

Thank you for the beautiful plants