Olympic Planter Set
Olympic Planter Set
Olympic Planter Set
Olympic Planter Set
Olympic Planter Set
120 day plant guarantee 
Handcrafted in sunny San Diego
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The Olympic set brings natural beauty to any space.

Includes: 8 single frames, 4 triple frames, and 4 double frames, 28 glasses, 48 nails, wall mounting guides, and an option set of plants from our nursery in San Diego. 

Each planter hangs in 1 minute or less.

Key Features

- Crafted from responsibly sourced domestic hardwoods
- Hand cut, assembled and finished in San Diego, CA
- Sustainably sourced Portuguese cork
- Modular design for flexible plant arrangement
- Engineered for the ceiling, wall, or surface top

Bundle Details

Frames Only

8 x single planters

4 x double planters

4 x triple planters

28 glass vases

48 nails

12 wall mounts 

Frames & Plants

This curated set comes with 28 beautiful plants grown on our nursery in San Diego, backed by our 120 day guarantee and hand selected to look beautiful in the 5 wooden planters they come with. Plant selections are seasonal and will look something like this:  

8 tall plants: Monstera, Schefflera, Peace Lily, Large Pothos

20 short plants: Assorted Pothos, Spider Plants, Tradescantia, or Philodendrons 

Frame Specifications


Maple & Walnut 


Proprietary Danish Oil blend

Size & weight

Single Frame size: 6.25" Tall by 5" Wide | Height with glass: 8" | Weight: 23oz 

Double/Triple Frame size: 6.25" Tall by 13.75" Wide | Height with glass: 8" | Weight: 58oz

Plants in water
Our planters are designed to hold plants that thrive in water - an exceptionally simple way of caring for plants. The majority of plants carried on our site can live years in water alone, given proper care

Propagated plants around the house also makes hanging plants from the wall or ceiling an easy task without the worry of water or dirt making a mess. 

Every plant sold on our site is backed by a 120-day guarantee. We take pride in ensuring the plants selected for every order are the perfect size for your frames and prepared to thrive in water so you don't have to worry about your new green friends not making it in their new home.

no botany degree required

Caring for plants doesn't get any easier than keeping them alive in water, and we take the guesswork out of plant shopping.


Plants that grow in water are one of every green thumb’s favorite tricks. Simply change the water every few weeks, and ensure that your plants are kept in a well-lit area. Modern Botanical plants are curated to flourish in water for years. And our plants don’t just look good, they’ll make you feel good, too. When we get in touch with nature, we reduce mental fatigue and stress, while increasing relaxation and self-esteem. Give us a dose of that any day.


We're so confident that your plants from Modern Botanical will be happy that if they aren’t alive and thriving after 120 days, send them back for a refund or exchange. 

How do I keep my plants alive in water?

We love planting in water because of how clean and easy it is. To keep your plants alive, simply ensure that they’re kept in an area without much temperature variation, and refill the water every 2 weeks. We also sell nutrients, and have a full care guide that can be found here.

How long can my plants survive in water?

Plants that can survive in water do so by utilizing the oxygen that’s absorbed in water to support photosynthesis. Not all plants are able to do this - many require soil to provide oxygen for growth. Plant selection is key, which is why we only sell plants that thrive in water. Plants purchased from Modern Botanical should stay healthy for years.

How are the frames mounted to the wall?

Each frame comes with a mounting guide to ensure easy hanging on any wall. Tape the guide to the wall where you'd like your frame and plant(s) to hang. Follow the simple instructions, and voila!

fast & easy assembly

Our planters hang in 1 minute or less, and come with everything you need for installation. New to planting in water? We're confident that Modern Botanical plants and frames are the easiest, no-hassle way to introduce plants into your space. 

premium materials

With minimalist yet innovative designs, our wooden planters are handcrafted using the finest materials. Out shop is located in the vibrant neighborhood of Hillcrest in the heart of San Diego. If you're ever in the neighborhood, please stop by and say hi! We love our visitors. 


our interchangeable glasses make it easy to rearrange your plants on a whim. The more planters you have, the more plant combinations you'll be able to play with. 

Be creative and have fun while enlivening your space. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Amazing customer service!

My planter and plants are simply beautiful. There was a delay with the weather in Texas and they were quick to respond to my emails. I will definitely be purchasing more from this amazing company.

Amazing Pieces and Incredible Customer Service!

I purchased the Ochoco Planter Set of 3 and they came in such beautiful shape! Perfectly packaged and not damaged. The two or three cuttings that were sent, however, got a little freezer damage on the trip over so when I reached out to customer service, Conrad was so helpful and is sending out two new cuttings for me which I didn’t expect but was so happy about! This company is so great and I can’t wait to place my next order with them!


Like the nice clean modern design--wood adds warmth--well packaged
Like it can either be mounted on a wall or stand on a shelf. Included soil was
extremely hard. Difficult to break apart and use.

Great little propagation station!

Made a lovely addition to my plant wall, minimal and classy. Looking forward to watching my cuttings grow roots!

living art

This little planter is living art. It brings joy to my home and the people behind Modern Botanical were so personable, sharing tips for propagation and making sure I was taken care of.

Amazing Quality!

The quality of the planters is high and looks/feels even better in person. Even the smell of the wood is nice! So happy with how they look placed on my walls and shelves!


Love my propagation frames! Easy to install and very sturdy! The wood is so beautiful too!


So happy to be the first to wholesale! They are stunnnnnning! So nice to finally have hood wood working and easy application propagation stations. So thankful for yall.

Quality piece

The craftsmanship is awesome and my first cutting is rooting nicely. Couldn’t ask for a nicer way to display it!

Stunning, Easy, and USA made!

We installed these beautiful units to create a wrap around effect and we are blown away by the way it elevated the design of our home! The quality of the wood and design is immediately apparent as soon as you open the creative box. We can't wait for new wood combinations to continue expanding our MoBo collection!