Pink Anthurium - Large
Pink Anthurium - Large

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Includes: Large Pink Anthurium - shipped in a 6-inch pot.

We've fallen in love with the Pink Anthurium as we've found it to be one of the best plants to grow in water. We've had a few growing in water for over a year and it's been the easiest plants. The leavers cycle through, so you may see them start to get some yellow and brown, but you can just remove them as they'll be more on the way. The flowers have also continued to bloom. 

If your plant doesn't survive shipping, we'll gladly replace it hassle-free.


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We're with you every step of the way on your growing in water journey. Reach us via email, social, or chat anytime. 

Grow beautiful plant walls that sprout healthy leaves, develop new roots, and even bloom with beautiful flowers, all within our hand-crafted grow vases. 

If you're a black thumb, or simply skeptical of this method of plant growth, we encourage you to take us up on our 120 Day Growth Guarantee! We'll be available via chat, plus you'll have access to our Facebook Plant Community and Online Resources to help you succeed. 
Your plants ship in a dirt pot for insulation and are ready to be transitioned into growing in water. Setup instructions can be found here (click.) 

Depending on the length of the journey, they may need a day or two in water to perk back up. Once your plants are setup in your home, you'll want to follow this care routine to keep them happy and growing:

- Top off water in your vases once a week
- Fully replace water at least once a month
- Add hydroponic nutrients to your plant monthly
- That's it

Want more expert plant care tips? Check out this Guide to Growing in Water! 
We're big proponents of sourcing plants locally whenever possible to eliminate transportation and shipping materials. If you have plants at home or have good plant friends in our community, take a look at this plant sourcing guide as it might be your best source for the perfect cuttings! 

If the above are not an option for you, we get it. That's why we make them available here on the site despite the labor and low margins.We like making plants easy, and we'll ship cuttings for you if that's what it takes! 

Please note that sourcing plants, taking cuttings, establishing them in water, wrapping and packing them for shipping, and transportation costs all go into the unit price of these. If they feel out of budget, please circle back to the guide above! 

Discover an Easier Way to Grow:

Water, Nutrients, Love

Discover an Easier Way to Grow:

Water, Nutrients, Love

  • Grow for Years

    This is not your average prop product - we've done thorough testing to ensure houseplants can grow in our vases for years without having to be re-potted

  • Once-a-Month Plant Care

    Growing in water is flexible and forgiving. Top off water weekly and replace it monthly. The fresh water will replenish the oxygen - making root rot and watering stress a thing of the past.

  • Roots, Leaves, and Flowers

    Experience your plants growing leaves, flowers, and roots through the course of the year - all with a minimal care routine. Add water, a few drops of nutrients, and watch them thrive. 

Here's a Care Guide to Growing in Water if you'd like to learn more.


Is growing plants in water seriously that easy?

Yes! We love planting in water because of how clean and easy it is. To keep your plants alive, simply ensure that they’re kept in an area without much temperature variation, refill the water every 2 weeks, and a monthly couple drops of nutrients. A full care guide can be found here.

How long will my plants survive in water?

Plants purchased from Modern Botanical should stay healthy for at least a year. Beyond that, it varies by variety, but some plants, like the monstera deliciosa, have been known to survive for over a decade in water. Plant selection is key, which is why we only sell plants that thrive in water. 

How do I setup the plants to grow in water.

Transitioning your plants is a fairly straightforward and simple process. You remove the dirt, clean the roots and your plants are ready to start developing new water roots.

You will receive all the instructions, check out this guide here

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

New packing is terrific! Arrived very quickly. Soil is compacted so it takes a while to loosen it. I put them in a bowl with water for a day and then continued to loosen it before putting in a vase with spring water. Love the ease of care and unique look.

Roxana Kharaud
Absolute awesomeness

This is my first time growing plants in pure water so I've been a little nervous. It's been over a month and they look great! I totally recommend them even if you're an inexperienced plant grower!


This was the most perfectly packaged plant I’ve ever received. She was so snug and came out just as stunning as I’d hoped.

Jennifer Perez
Very nice plants!

I love my 8 plant starter set ! They looks great on my wall together with the frames!

Michele Metivier
Good so far!

One plant did not fare well on the cross country trip, but customer service was awesome and replacements were sent right away! All are doing fine adapting to life on the West Coast!

Brian McGuire

Zero complaints


Beautiful and full plant


Loved it. And tutorial video on how to prep and clean the plants was very helpful.

Robin Harris
Incredible Design!

I love them! They have transformed my wall into something beautiful.

Absolutely Thriving

These plants arrived in a timely manner packaged brilliantly so they could make it to me safely <3 I loved the surprise of having 6 new plants and being able to cultivate them into their new habitats! They started thriving as soon as I placed them in their forever homes and perked up with the light (: No regrets here and will buy from them again!