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Single Glass Vase
Single Glass Vase
Single Glass Vase

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This is the same glass vase we use in our frames and hangers. Use as a replacement piece or keep extra on hand to make it easy to swap plants during a weekend plant session. 

Height: 7.5"

Width: 1.75"

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Bobbie Miller

I love the vases to help propagate my cuttings.

Megan Westman

Planters broke and they replaced them no questions asked. Very prompt response from owner to fix situation. Very much appreciated!

Both elegant and rustic

I like the size of this tube. It's working great for my monstera cutting, which has a fairly large leaf about 10" long, and for my prayer plant with 10 leaves which wasn't doing well in soil/pot.

I'd definitely get these again.

Hey Anna, thanks so much for your note.

We've had a few issue with these large bottles recently, I'm sorry about that.. We don't want your nutrients to be leaking, so I've just input an order to ship you one of our small bottles which works really great (you can use the large bottle to refill when empty.)

Your new order number is #11482 and we'll be getting that out today or tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks, be in touch if you have any questions. -Jonas

Jennifer Panzo
Plant decor dreams come true!

Modern Botanical is THE BEST! Amazing business all around. The owners are helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable! I live in an apartment with very little lighting and even less room for dealing with dirt and repotting plants. The combination of discovering water propagation and Modern Botanical’s beautiful glass vases and wall hangers has helped me reinvent my living space and improve our quality of life exponentially! I recommend everything I have in my home…the plant food, maple wall hangers (I was having trouble with the glass slipping on one or two, however, per recommendation of the owners, I doubled up on O-rings and haven’t had a problem since), the hanging glass tubes, and all glassware vases! Oh, and the plant starters are fantastic as well! Lots of useful advice on the website and information via social media. There aren’t enough positive things to say…which is a good problem to have! :)

John Williams

Perfect thanks!


Loved it. It was the right size


Fantastic product. Large tubes hold bigger plants- perfect in front of windows.

Peyton James

The products that I ordered are great but my package was delivered to the wrong address by ups the customer service was 10/10 and they offered to reshoot my order and replace what I’d lost despite it not being their fault, a few day later and ups got my package delivered but I highly recommend buying from this store

Margaret Eason

10.5" Short Neck Glass Vase

Kim Horning
Great quality

Gave this as a housewarming gift along with the fertilizer and it was a big hit!